Roller Coaster

digital video, 30 seconds, loop, 2021

The work appears as if it is recorded from a screen of an iPhone when the user is switching between apps. It shows neither an app nor a post of a user whose nickname is Roller Coaster against the background of a default iPhone wallpaper. The first part of the video shows a boy throwing an iPhone into the air while sitting in the street leaning his back on a decaying column of a building built in yearly 1990s in Kyiv, Ukraine. The second part of the video consists of the found footage of shockwaves caused both by natural forces and artificially by human use of technology, e.g. bombing in war conflicts, failed rocket launch etc. Such footage became possible in the last two decades due to the proliferation of cell phones with built-in cameras. This footage resembles a first-person view from a roller-coaster, the invention that is rooted in 18th century Russian Empire and which is basically a railway been put to entertainment purposes. Each part of the video has 15 seconds length like an instagram story. The text below the video quotes the example of the use of the word “roller-coaster” in Google Translate. Authorship of the phrase remains unknown.